Islamic Relief is joining Action/2015 campaigners to put forward Islamic views of what the 2015 sustainable development goals should be.

Our focus will be on climate change, gender and development financing.

Islamic Relief has been responding to the effects of climate change for many years, whether floods such as those seen most recently in Afghanistan, Bosnia, India and Pakistan, or droughts as experienced by many in Africa. We know many people across the globe want to see action on climate change, and we believe governments around the world need to be aware of the strength of feeling.

Gender is at the core of the global Post 2015 movement. How can we, as a world, move forward if half the population is excluded or isolated because they are girls or women? We already work to empower women, through schemes such as home education in Afghanistan, livelihood training in Bangladesh, and justice for gender-based violence in South Africa.

Your wish for the world

Basel, a Syrian refugee living in a tented camp supported by Islamic Relief Lebanon, joins the campaign.

Basel, a Syrian refugee living in a camp supported by Islamic Relief Lebanon, adds his voice to the Action/2015 campaign.

Several important meetings are taking place across the globe this year, which will agree a new set of poverty reduction targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals and ensure international cooperation on addressing causes and consequences of climate change. Islamic Relief will be feeding into these different decision-making bodies through international and regional forums. In July, one of these meetings, the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will influence how much and what kind of financing is available for the promotion of sustainable development globally. We need to make sure that voices are heard.

We are inclusive. We know that climate change, gender and development financing are just some of the issues that matter to you. And we are urging you to let us know what else you care about by uploading images of yourself letting us know what you feel most strongly about.

Join the #iam15 or #action2015 campaign on social media, and let the world see what your wish for the world is for the year ahead.