Islamic Relief’s health officer Jirm Karani talked to Kenyan First Lady Margret Kenyatta about our work in maternal and child health.

Mrs Kenyatta was visiting Wajir, in north east Kenya, as part of her Beyond Zero campaign, which aims to tackle maternal and infant mortality.

She attended the official launch event in Wajir, which Islamic Relief had helped organise. We had set up a stand showcasing our maternal and child health work. Jirm was at the stand and had the opportunity to meet and speak to the First Lady.

Improving maternal and child health in Wajir

“I took her through a brief review of Islamic Relief’s maternal and child health programme in Wajir,” he said.

“It was a delightful experience to interact with the First Lady and have a brief talk about the programmes we have been running.”

Islamic Relief’s maternal and infant mortality schemes in Kenya have included outreach programmes to inform hard-to-reach communities about the health services available, advocacy and health education campaigns, and strengthening of referral systems for maternal emergencies.

Jirm also shared information on Islamic Relief’s work to train people in basic emergency care, and equip district hospitals and health centres with better maternal equipment and supplies.

Jirm added: “The First Lady congratulated partners for their contribution towards the work.”

Mrs Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero campaign works in 15 counties in Kenya. Set up in January 2014, it targets the Kenyan government, development partners and Kenyans to fund pre- and post-natal access to healthcare.

Islamic Relief runs programmes in maternal health in several countries including Niger, Syria, Pakistan and Somalia.