Sundar Jan, 47, lives with her husband and eight children in a village in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. The family’s poverty deepens at Ramadan, and they cannot afford a nutritious diet.

The family left their home in the remote Neelum district to look for work near the city. They now live in a two-roomed home with no washing facilities.

Her husband, Aurangzeb, is a daily labourer – and when he cannot find work, the family turn to relatives and neighbours for help with their basic needs.

Sundar Jan earns what she can from tailoring, knitting, embroidery, and dishwashing. However, it is never enough to sustain the family, and now that she has a problem with her back they also need money for medical expenses.

She and her husband wish that all of their children could complete their education. When the children finish primary school, their schooling will come to an end as the family have no money to pay for secondary education.

At Ramadan, the family’s poverty deepens still further as work for Aurangzeb dries up. But last year, Islamic Relief provided Sundar Jan with one of more than 5,100 family food parcels distributed across Pakistan. The 40kg package contained essential staples such as flour, rice, and pulses, as well as sugar, salt and cooking oil – with dates added as a Ramadan treat.

For Sundar Jan, the food supplies meant her family could enjoy nutritious iftars during the holy month.

“In the month of Ramadan I was unable to bear the burden,” she told us. “At that time God sent an angel to help us, in the shape of Islamic Relief. This shows that there are still people in this world with sympathetic hearts. My prayers are always with the donors: May God reward them for the kindness they have shown.”

This Ramadan, use the power of your zakat to help mothers like Sundar Jan to provide nutritious food for their family during the blessed month. Please donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.