Wherever possible, our focus is sustainability. Around the world, our sustainable development projects are giving people the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through improving their livelihoods and giving them access to better essential services.

Man planting crops in Kenya

A Kenyan man plants crops.

In China, our integrated development scheme in Lingshan village has transformed access to basic services and helped poor families to improve their income. In Malawi, a dependent fish and vegetable farm project is empowering farming families with sustainable farming skills and a reliable means of earning a living. Our ambitious programme to improve livelihoods for 10,000 of the poorest Bangladeshi families achieved an average increase in income of over 550 per cent.

By donating to our Qurbani campaign, you are relieving disadvantaged people of the burden of finding food. You are helping others to celebrate the blessings of Eid with joy. In addition, you are showing your support for work to enable poor people to enjoy long-term food security.