When Abdul-Ahad Hanna realised that even the smallest tasks exhausted him, he know something was seriously wrong.

He had previously had a cancerous tumour on his lip which was surgically removed. In ordinary circumstances, he would have had radiotherapy following surgery, but, as a Syrian living in Jordan, Abdul-Ahad could not afford the treatment.

The 71-year-old man, who has lived in Jordan since 1983, said: “After six months, I felt pain in my neck and was constantly sweating at night.”

He went for a scan and found out the cancer had spread.

“The cancer was in my neck,” he said. “It was affecting my immune system, and making me feel exhausted. I needed medical help, but couldn’t afford it.”

Islamic Relief was able to help Abdel-Ahad as it runs a project to fund health treatment for those who cannot afford it. He had tests and surgery to remove the lymph nodes from his neck. He will also undergo radiotherapy once he recovers from the surgery.

He added: “I am still in the recovery period with full attention from the nurses. I thank Islamic Relief for sponsoring me. From the beginning, I felt cared for and that eliminated my anxiety.”

Islamic Relief Jordan provides primary, secondary and tertiary health support for Syrians and Jordanians who are unable to access health facilities.

Islamic Relief runs a series of projects in Jordan, including prostheses and physiotherapy for people who have lost a limb, distribution of food and clothing, and support for orphaned children.