More than 38,000 people have benefited from an Islamic Relief healthcare project delivered in Banadir, Somalia.

Drought, famine and conflict have forced an estimated 1.5 million people from their homes across Somalia. Tens of thousands are now living in camps around Mogadishu, capital of the Banadir region, a city to which many have returned as security improves.

Islamic Relief’s has been providing primary healthcare services through a range of projects in the region. Our life-saving work included the construction of two health centres and the supply of equipment and an ambulance in 2013.

Supporting health centres in Bondhere and Waberi

The project extended support for two health centres in Banadir, Somalia.

The project extended support for two health centres in Banadir, Somalia.

The latest scheme extended support for the health centres in Bondhere and Waberi; which serve displaced people and host communities. Medical devices, drugs and equipment were provided and water and electricity supplies covered at both centres.

By also supporting training for clinical staff such as midwives, the project enabled basic medical services – including reproductive health and general care – to be provided.

Maryan Osman, 28, was amongst those to benefit. “Originally we are from Biadoa and we left our home due to the famine and conflict,” she said, adding that she now lives in Bondhere IDP camp.

“I came seek treatment for [burns on] my leg. I cannot imagine what could have happened to me if I was still in my village, where it is rare to get such support.”

Community health education

As well as improving maternal and neonatal health, the scheme delivered community health education and information across the region. Covering topics from HIV and AIDS to breastfeeding, family planning, cholera and malaria; our basic health and hygiene messages reached about 30,000 people.

The project was funded by Islamic Relief Canada and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It completes this month.