Taking part in the United Nations Environment Assembly, Islamic Relief has today called for sustainable consumption as part of the response to climate change.

Yusuf Ahmed presenting at UNEA-4 faith4earth. Credit: Timothy Shitagwa

At the Environment Assembly, which is taking place this week in Nairobi, Kenya, Islamic Relief’s head of East Africa has presented examples of action on sustainable consumption and climate change.

“The human race and the habitat face imminent danger caused by the irrational actions of humanity,” said Yusuf Ahmed, addressing the Faith for Earth event today.

“Greed and amassing wealth drive excessive consumption behaviours leading to depletion of natural resources. The consequences include climate change, fast onset disasters eroding lives and livelihoods. Women, children, older people and those with disabilities and the most vulnerable take the brunt of impact.”

He outlined how Islamic Relief’s special position with faith leaders and communities provides unique opportunities for work on environmental protection and dealing with climate breakdown.

Yusuf urged the United Nations to involve faith leaders in developing policy, emphasising that this is critical in raising awareness and changing behaviour – pointing out that our work with faith leaders in Kenya and Somalia has helped communities make positive changes.

He ended with a passionate appeal for a concerted effort at all levels to contain the greed for wealth accumulation which is leading to devastating and irreversible consequences for the environment.

The Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. Participating in the fourth meeting of the Assembly, Islamic Relief are contributing our experience and expertise to efforts to address the critical challenges facing the world today.