Syrian boys in Lebanon

Islamic Relief has been providing vital humanitarian aid to those caught up in Syria’s devastating conflict since 2011. As the world now witnesses the fourth year of fighting, we are continuing our work to save lives and reduce suffering in Syria and nearby countries.

Trapped inside Syria

Around 9.3 million people inside war-torn Syria require urgent humanitarian assistance.

More than 3.5 million people live in besieged areas, many of which humanitarian organisations struggle to access. As part of our emergency operations, Islamic Relief – in partnership with the UNRWA – is providing food and other essential items in Al Yarmouk camp. More than 70,000 Palestinian refugees trapped in the camp are benefitting.

Up to 7.6 million people are thought to have been forced from their homes, with many living in camps scattered across the country. According to the United Nations, more than 10,000 children have been killed in Syria’s conflict. Many more have lost parents and relatives to the violence.

Islamic Relief has been working deep inside Syria since 2012. Last month alone, our aid workers distributed over 3,700 family food parcels, of flour, and over 80,000 cans of meat. Thousands of blankets and mattresses were provided to families that have lost everything, as well as plastic sheeting to help people living in makeshift shelters.

An ever-growing refugee crisis

On average, a family flees Syria every minute. With about two thousand people crossing the borders every day, there are now 2.58 million registered Syrian refugees – and that figure is set to hit three million in the coming months.

Over one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon

In nearby Lebanon, more than one million Syrians have registered as refugees. A quarter of the country’s population is now Syrian, leaving Lebanese public infrastructure and services straining to cope. Our emergency response in Lebanon saw over 3,600 food parcels provided to vulnerable families last month. Hundreds of cans of baby milk have been distributed, as well as blankets, mattresses and kitchen sets.

Vital support for Syrians in Jordan

There are around 600,000 registered refugees in Jordan. The Za’atri refugee camp is now amongst the largest ‘cities’ in the country, and the world’s second biggest camp. In partnership with the World Food Programme, Islamic Relief distributed over 989,000 vouchers and e-cards last month alone – enabling refugee families to purchase food. We also supported 480 Syrian children to enrol at local schools, provided cash-for-rent to 459 families, and ensured vital healthcare for over 2,800 people.

Emergency appeal for displaced in Iraq

Around 225,000 Syrians are seeking safety in Iraq. Islamic Relief Iraq last month provided over 1,500 family food parcels and distributed 73,600 World Food Programme vouchers.

Armed groups have taken control of several towns and cities in Iraq, including Mosul and Tikrit. Hundreds of thousands have fled the fighting, deepening an already grave humanitarian crisis within the country. Islamic Relief has appealed for support for its emergency operations in Iraq.