Roza Khamzatova

Islamic Relief Russia distributed 3,717 large food parcels at 23 distribution points in five districts of the Chechen Republic. The teams selected vulnerable people including the disabled.


The food parcels included: buckwheat (5kg), rice (5kg), pasta (5kg), flour (5 kg), cooking oil (3 litres), sweets (1kg), tea (100g). Two disabled people told our distribution teams what the parcels meant for themselves and their families. 

Musa Mikailov (52) from Zavodsky District, Grozny

Musa_ChechnyaOne of my sons and I are both disabled. We receive a disability allowance and my wife’s old age pension which is about 30,000 rubles (£448) which is not enough for my big family. My eldest sons try to earn money any way they can but it’s difficult to find a good job in Chechnya.

Saikhan is 21 years old and has cerebral palsy, as well as several mental health issues. He is not able to speak and doesn’t usually understand what we tell him. From time to time he becomes very aggressive and even hits his mother. When this happens I have to calm him down. Unfortunately, he doesn’t listen to his mother or his brothers. I also have to wash and feed him. I have to care for full time which is why I am not able to work. I am disabled myself as a result of the war, but I just have to forget about this.

We haven’t had any meat for over a month and Saikhan has a very healthy appetite. When he wants something to eat we just have to buy it but this can be impossible. Sometimes our neighbours help us out or I will pick wild garlic or chop some wood to get enough money. I don’t mind doing this, I used to do it as a child with my mother. A man has to do whatever he can to provide for his family.

Ramadan is an important holy month when you feel the lightness in your body, your thoughts became pure and the heart softens. As a holy month, I do my best to be closer to Allah by praying and fasting.

The food parcel is a great support for us. We don’t have to worry about what to eat for Suhoor and Iftar. Yesterday we ate buckwheat with fried onion. Today we boiled pasta. My wife will also make pies with the flour and she will ask the butchers for leftovers and bones.

We are happy with what we received, but I wanted to ask for some sugar as my disabled son always drinks a lot of sweet tea and we always run out of sugar which is rather expensive.

I want to ask Islamic Relief to continue to help us and others who are in need. I hope that someday I will also be able to help other people.


Rosa Khamzatova (63) from Zavodsky District, Grozny

Just after I got married, my husband and I left to do some construction work in Orenburg (Russia). I was using a circular saw for the first time and I didn’t know what I was doing. Unfortunately I damaged my hand very badly and had to spend four weeks in hospital. I also have a slipped disc. My husband also has health problems so a lot of our money goes on medical treatment.

My husband and I live on my disability allowance and his old age pension, which is about 16,000 rubles (£239).  My son (Abdul) is not working at the moment as he has problems with his spine after lifting a heavy car engine. He used to earn money on building sites but now he is having medical treatment.

I have two children and five grandchildren for whom I like to buy sweets and toys to make them happy, but we can’t afford it.  We always ask ourselves ‘how shall we spend our pension?’ On food Rosa Chechnyaor on health? My relatives are also in need so they can’t help us. Sometimes my sister helps me with out with my health care.

We eat what we have. We mainly buy barley and flour and cook porridge or bake pies.  When we receive our pension I try to buy some meat, then I divide it into portions and cook soups during the month. We also eat dried and boiled potatoes. And when we can’t afford this, we eat rice and porridge. But we would like to be able to buy more fruit and vegetables for the grandchildren who are growing up and need vitamins.

We look forward to Ramadan and hope that Allah forgives our sins. It’s a time when we try to help our family, our wider relatives and other people. I help my daughter-in-law to look after children and she cleans the house and cooks. We try to mention Allah throughout the day even when doing housework. We perform our prayers and in the evening we gather for Iftar.


The food parcels have been a great help for our family and all the other families in this settlement who are in need. Very few people have jobs here We no longer have to worry about what we will cook for Suhoor or Iftar, and we will also receive some meat for Qurbani. I have nothing but gratitude for the food pack which provides us with enough food, Alhamdulillah.

It’s very comforting to know that other Muslims think and care about you. I always try to give something as sadaqah to other people even though I’m in need myself. Allah helps us till we help other people.