IRJ responds through shelter Program to the urgent needs of the poor living Syrian refugees in the urban and rural settings securing fees needed for rent to protect vulnerable families, females headed household and children from the threat of being evacuated. IRJ has also replaced 50 tents in Za’atri camp with Caravans to protect women and children from social risks and concern. The programme has assisted 2990 individuals during 2014.

The shelter programme scope goes beyond cash assistance, to have impact on children’s lives. The programme has a component for conditional cash which contributes to poverty reduction, livelihood improvement, and increased access to education for Jordanians and Syrian refugees in Jordan. On the long run this intervention will serve as a safeguard mechanism for families and their children against the poverty trap. Children will be educated which would help them to find a proper employment in the future, and reduce the risk of falling in destructive coping mechanisms such as drugs, theft or sexual harassment ,2040 children’s were assisted.

Tender documents can be downloaded from the following links:


Guidelines for home maintenance and repair tender, January 2015

Tender Appendix

Expiry date: Monday 9th February 2015 4pm Jordan time (2pm UK time)