In Islamic Relief Mali, Channels of Hope (Child Protection) has managed to implement the CoH methodology which has seen strong and meaningful engagement with community mobilisers,  actors and most importantly faith leaders who have facilitated in the creating safe and secure environments for children of all ages. IR Mali have shared some anecdotal findings and impact of the CoH approach in the respective communities. This has been achieved through the delivery of awareness-raising and sensitisation sessions aiming to build the capacity and faith sensitive knowledge of key community figures such as faith and community leaders, as well as community based organisation (CBO) and civil society organisation (CSO) members on the principles of child protection.

IRW is seeking a consultant or consultancy with a proven track record with expertise in Child Protection and experience capturing learning.  This learning piece will be for the organisation to take stock of the impact of the CoH CP methodology and it has positively influenced and advocated for child protection needs, but also what key lessons, challenges and recommendations could be shared. Through this research some practices and learning will also speak to gender and how there are areas where child protection facilitate safe discussion around gender too. This learning piece will also be shared with external stakeholders and partners.


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