Islamic Relief’s Fernaaz Hussain spoke to The Guardian about South Africa’s worst floods in 60 years. She describes “sheet upon sheet of relentless rain” that washed away entire houses, bridges and roads, killing about 450 people and making thousands homeless.

“It was just relentless. There was just sheet after sheet and you couldn’t see anything beyond. It just did not stop. It just got worse and worse. I have never seen anything like it in my life. The rain was so heavy and the wind so strong we feared the windows [would] break,” Hussain said.

She described shipping containers floating down motorways and an oil tanker washed up on Durban’s famous beach.

Read the full report in The Guardian: After the relentless rain, South Africa sounds the alarm on the climate crisis

The Guardian reports: “The storm, which delivered close to an entire year’s usual rainfall in 48 hours, took meteorologists by surprise and has been blamed by experts on climate change…

“Experts say the impact of the climate crisis is increasingly obvious across Africa, with tens of millions suffering from drought in the Sahel and parts of east Africa, while the continent’s southeastern coast is hit by intense storms.”

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