When the conflict came closer to Zahra’s home in Syria, she and her husband gathered their children and fled to another village, then took a car out into the countryside, eventually ending in one of the camps on the Turkish-Syrian border.

“We arrived at night,” she said.

“We did not find a place to sleep and I will not forget that night as it was very cold and there was nothing to keep us warm. My children were shivering. When we fell asleep, I dreamed of going back home.

“Life is very harsh in the camp and winter is very cold.

“My husband is not working and we do not have any income to depend on. When someone has to leave their home, they feel they have lost everything. We have no hope. Last night, we woke up and rain water dripped through our tent, and our blankets and clothes became wet. We spent the whole night trying to remove water and repair some of the existing holes in the roof.”

Tents, plastic sheets, warm clothes and winter footwear can make the difference for people each winter as temperatures fall below zero.

Support our Winter Appeal. This winter we aim to distribute coats, warm trousers, tents, mattresses, plastic sheets and blanket to people within Syria, prioritising people who have been displaced and people with little to no income.