Malak is 8 years old, and she was diagnosed with cholera. Children like Malak are especially vulnerable, and are in desperate need for immediate treatment.

The outbreak of cholera has been described as the largest outbreak in world history with over 1 million people affected by the disease.This treatable disease can be contained, but unfortunately it has spread and claimed the lives of thousands of people. Children are among the worst affected.

Malak’s mother explained: “My daughter started to vomit at the beginning, but her condition deteriorated to having serious diarrhoea. As Malak became worse, I started to worry. I heard that there’s a cholera outbreak in Yemen. Many people in my neighbourhood got infected by the epidemic, and I knew it was serious.”

I sought assistance from the people I know. I was told that I can get necessary health care for my daughter in one of the hospitals, but that hospital was far away from my place. I live on the other side of the city and didn’t have enough money to move my little child to that hospital.

She continued: “When Malak kept getting worse, I rushed to my brother who was able to give me YER1000 ($3 USD) for transportation in order to reach the hospital and get Malak treated. When I got to this facility, doctors put a needle in Malak’s arm with a liquid to help her. They said she will be better soon. Fortunately, doctors explained to me that all cholera medications are supported by INGO (Trocaire) and I don’t have to pay anything for now.”

Malak mother has ten children and her family are really poor. She said:

We live tough conditions. My husband hasn’t received his salary for more than a year now, and he is jobless like many others. We are unable to provide basic necessities such as food, clean water or even hygiene for my children. I love Malak and all my children, and I am worried about them. I heard that people die from cholera. I hope all of them will be safe.

Malak was successfully discharged from the hospital a few days later, and was able to return home with a better health condition.

“Thank you Trocaire and Islamic Relief for helping the Yemeni people. May God bless all of you. You saved my daughter’s life and many others in the same hospital,” Malak’s mother happily expressed.

Islamic Relief has been working in partnership with Trocaire to provide cholera medicines, hygiene kits, and chlorine tablets to hospitals in Yemen.Yemen is still in a dire state.

Thousands of people have died from the conflict, tens of thousands have been maimed, millions of people are on the brink of famine, and 22.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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