Somalia drought 2022

Somalia’s worst drought in decades has left millions of people facing extreme hunger.

TRT World spoke to Aliow Mohamed, Islamic Relief’s Country Director in Somalia, about the crisis.

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“Somalia has not received enough rainfall for the last three years and the situation has just been getting worse,” Mohamed said, explaining that 90 percent of the country is currently facing severe drought conditions…

“Two weeks ago we visited a camp and our team [saw] a number of children dying, people with no basic health care and facilities such as food and water”. 

And yet as the drought continues, the number of families coming to the camp seeking aid grows each day. During their visit, Mohamed said there were 2,319 families at the camp but just over a week later this number reached 3,375 families.

Currently, Islamic Relief has enough aid to assist 400 families for four months in Somalia until the next rainfall, but as camp numbers grow, resources are being “stretched beyond expectation,” says Mohamed.

Climate change is a main driving factor, but “there are of course compounded factors such as conflict and instability within the country… If we have a stable government and a secure environment which is free from armed groups, communities will engage in businesses and be able to feed themselves and feed their families,” he adds.

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