Um Ahmed survived an attack in Al Tarimsa

“They have no more dreams after losing their fathers.”

Fifteen children in Um Ahmed’s family were orphaned the day their village was attacked. Um Ahmed, 60, is now guardian to her grandchildren. They now live in a camp for displaced people in Syria.

“We were sleeping and suddenly the armed men attacked our house,” said Um Ahmed, who lived in Al Tarimsa village, Hama. “They slaughtered my four sons, who were civilians. I still do not know where my son, Ahmed, is buried.

“They were married. They left 15 kids, whose childhoods have been stolen with the death of their fathers. After losing their fathers, they have no more dreams.”

The family home was destroyed during the fighting. Um Ahmed and the children fled, finding their way to Hibat Allah camp, Idleb.

“I came to Hebat Allah camp without any belongings. I could not find a tent for me and the children. One of the men here who lost his family and was living alone gave us his tent.

“I’ve lost everything. My sons were killed, my house was destroyed. I’ve nowhere to go.

“Now, I only care about the future of my grandchildren. Why are our children not living a normal life, like other children in the world? We [adults] are used to this situation, but it is not fair for the children to live in fear, conflict and despair.

“Their living conditions are critical, with no income, shelter, education – or their fathers. They are suffering.”

Islamic Relief – which has been working deep inside Syria for more than two years – provided Um Ahmed with essential items including mattresses and blankets as well as food parcels.

“May God bless you and reward you for your kind assistance and support.”

With no end to Syria’s devastating conflict yet in sight, the humanitarian situation inside the country continues to deteriorate. Many more children need our help. Please support our work to assist the people of Syria: donate today.