“I am worried about the future of my sons.”

Um Jassem lives with her sons and nephews. The family has lost everything in Syria’s unrelenting conflict, which has so far forced more than nine million people to flee their homes.

An Islamic Relief aid worker with Um Jassem.

An Islamic Relief aid worker with Um Jassem.

Before the conflict, Um Jassem and her family lived in Hama. They kept livestock and earned a living by farming. Then, a bomb destroyed their home and the family was forced to flee.

“We escaped and hid between the trees,” she said, “We passed from village to village until we reached the camp four months ago. Bombing and shelling is everywhere.”

The family had nothing when they arrived at the camp in Qah village, Idleb. For several days they had only trees for shelter, until they received a tent. Eleven relatives share the tent in Hibat Allah camp, and nobody knows when they will be able to go home.

Islamic Relief provided Um Jassem with a number of essential items – including blankets to help the family to keep warm during the harsh winters. But, what they need most of all is for the war to end.

“We have no house, no water, no electricity – and we have lost our livestock. I am not worried for myself: I am an old woman and I will die soon. I am worried about the future of my sons and my nephews.”

Um Jassem is one of an estimated 6.5 million people displaced inside the country, according to the United Nations. In addition, Syrians look set to replace Afghans as the world’s largest refugee population – with over 2.58 million registered refugees and thousands more fleeing every day.

Since 2012, Islamic Relief has been working inside Syria and in nearby countries to help people like Um Jassem. Last year, our humanitarian programmes reached around 2.72 million people caught up in the conflict.

With no end to the violence yet in sight, we want to reach many more – and with your support, we will. Please donate to our Syria appeal today.