Um Mohammed (38) lives in a displaced people’s camp in Idlib countryside, near the Turkey/Syria border, with her three children.

SyriaWe live in very difficult conditions here in this camp. As you can see, the situation is miserable. We can only afford very basic food and we don’t have a proper shelter. We can’t afford to buy meat which we know is good for us. We have to rely on charitable organisations for this.

Our lives have changed so much. My husband was killed in an airstrike and me and my children had to flee for our lives to escape the destruction and the shelling. We have lost everything. We’ve moved from one camp to another, living in misery and poverty, in order to find safety.

I sometimes work in the olive orchard to earn money to buy food for my children.

When Eid comes, we feel depressed. Sadness, bitterness and deprivation have penetrated our souls. There are no sweets, gifts, or new clothes. I don’t have the money for this. I wish we could go back home and everything be as it once was and I can once again buy everything for my children.

My children were so pleased to see the fresh meat this Eid. You have filled their hearts with joy and happiness. May Allah bless you and reward you for bringing a happy smile to my children’s faces. I highly appreciate your kind efforts. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you and all those who have contributed to alleviate our suffering.

May Allah bless you and reward you for your kind support and assistance