Islamic Relief is working hard to ensure that life-saving aid gets through to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the conflict in Myanmar and by the refugee crisis created in neighbouring Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh we are supporting the efforts of international organisations delivering essential relief items to affected people in Cox’s Bazar, where over half a million refugees from Myanmar have congregated. We’re working through organisations with huge experience who are on the ground in the camps, operating in close collaboration with UN and government authorities. Our office in Bangladesh is operating as normal and delivering the wide-ranging humanitarian and development programme that we are committed to in other parts of the country.

In Myanmar we’re on the ground ourselves in some of the displaced camps in Rakhine State that are home to hundreds of thousands of people driven from their homes by the conflict over the years. We’re not only doing regular food distributions but also scaling up our work to help communities build robust, high-quality shelters to replace their flimsy temporary homes, each enabling eight families to live in safety and dignity. We’re also providing clean water facilities.

Your donations are making a positive difference, saving lives and keeping hope alive in both Bangladesh and Myanmar. But the needs are enormous, please continue to give generously to support our efforts.