As families flee conflict in Ramadi, Islamic Relief is calling for urgent support for its lifesaving emergency operations in conflict-torn Iraq.

A recent escalation of fighting in Ramadi – the capital of Anbar province, which has been gripped by protracted conflict since 2013 – has forced an estimated 24,000 people from their homes. Many have lost everything and face acute hardship as already strained public infrastructure and humanitarian organisations scramble to meet growing needs within the country.

People leaving Ramadi last month.

People leaving Ramadi last month.

“There are thought to be 2.68 million people internally displaced within Iraq right now,” says Mohammed Makki, country director for Islamic Relief in Iraq. “Displacement throughout Iraq’s central and northern regions continues to be very fluid, and as families have scattered across over 2,090 locations getting humanitarian aid to everyone who needs it is a big challenge.”

Providing much-needed aid for displaced families

Islamic Relief is gearing up to launch further operations to respond to the latest wave of displacement. We will be assisting up to 900 displaced families seeking safety in Baghdad and nearby areas, where many cannot access even basic services.

Each family will receive a foodpack every month for four months. The parcel will contain staples such as canned meat, rice, lentils, bread and baby milk. They will also receive a monthly kit filled with essentials such as soap, antiseptic, diapers, sanitary napkins and toothbrushes. The emergency intervention is designed to help the families until longer-term support can be put in place.

“As well as displaced families, those trapped in conflict zones such as Ramadi are also in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Some assistance is getting through, but much more is needed,” adds Mohammed Makki.

“Islamic Relief has an extensive presence in central and northern Iraq, and works in the most affected provinces to help displaced families and host communities. We are making a difference, but there are funding shortfalls in almost every key sector – including food, shelter and protection.”

Islamic Relief has been helping families affected in Iraq since the onset of the crisis, which has become one of the most grave in the world today. Around 5.2 million people, including Syrian refugees, are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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