Asiya Isaeva lives with her family in Grozny, capital of the Chechen Republic. We met with Asiya and her mother-in-law, Arbika, to learn more about the positive impact an Islamic Relief foodpack makes during the holy month.

“They are a big family and they live in poverty,” said Arbika, 63, who was in the city for medical consultations. “I help them whenever I can.”

Arbika contributes what she can to family expenses, from her own pension. But with her two sons disabled, and her own health problems, it is hard.

Asiya and her husband struggle to provide for their children.

Asiya and her husband struggle to provide for their children.

“I have six grandsons and one granddaughter. My son, the father of these children, is disabled. In 2008, he had a car accident and as a result one-third of his stomach was removed.

“[We live] on disability pensions. One of my grandsons – he is five-years old now – has Down’s Syndrome. Besides this, he has problems with his heart. They are always hungry. They do not have enough to eat. They always ask for more food.”

“When we receive our pension we try to distribute it rationally for different needs, and to save it as long as possible,” added her daughter-in-law, Asiya.

Asiya collecting her Ramadan foodpack in June 2015.

Asiya collecting her Ramadan foodpack in June 2015.

So, when the family received a food parcel last year, it made a big difference. One of more than 3,700 distributed by Islamic Relief in the Chechen Republic, it contained rice, flour, macaroni, beans, and cooking oil – as well as sugar, tea and dates.

“I was happy to receive my Ramadan foodpack,” explained Asiya. “I could cook whatever I wanted, and it helped me greatly.

“I want to thank the donors from the bottom of my heart and tell them that I know many people here, who live in poverty and do not receive anything from anybody.”

“I want to say ‘Thank you’ to those people who help at Ramadan. I wish them to be supported by God in their efforts to help people in need,” Arbika added.

Poor families around the world are struggling to find food with which to break their Ramadan fast. You can help: donate to our Ramadan appeal now.