Life is hard for Jamila and her four teenaged children.

Jamila’s husband used to be the family breadwinner but he passed away. Now the family is reliant on help from extended family and support from charities like Islamic Relief.

Every time they manage to get some money, they try to put it aside. Every few months, the landlord comes to collect rent and they need to be able to have something to give him.

“The house has mice and is very dusty,” said Jamila, who struggles with asthma, which is made worse by the dust from the crumbling home.

The kitchen where Jamila prepares food for her family.

The kitchen where Jamila prepares food for her family.

Despite the hardships, Jamila has managed to keep all four of her children in school and she hopes this will allow them all a better future. When they go to school Jamila, a housewife, stays behind in the home trying to clean it.

With funds given by supporters, Islamic Relief has helped the family over the last two Ramadan periods, offering them oil, sugar, flour, and rice among other items.

“May Allah bless them, protect them from hell and suffering. May Allah give them good health and wellbeing,”

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