This Ramadan, Khayryaah and her seven children are grappling with grinding poverty in one of the poorest countries on the planet.

“Even when my husband was here, the situation was hard,” she told us when we visited her at home in Yemen, which is currently gripped by an escalating crisis as conflict intensifies across the country.

Khayryaah lives with her children, elderly mother and aunt in a two-roomed home. The family are struggling to pay the rent from what they can earn by tending to livestock. It is particularly tough for Khayryaah when illness prevents her from working.

The home Khayryaah shares with her children, mother and aunt.

The home Khayryaah shares with her children, mother and aunt.

“I swear to God, I am an ill woman. I get ill and I sit at home for weeks and months. I have typhoid and it hurts. We don’t treat [the children when they get ill], unless it is an emergency. Then we borrow money and go the hospital. My children are tired of crying about this life.”

During the holy month, Khayryaah holds tighter to her faith than ever – and hopes for help from her brothers and sisters around the world.

“I leave my life to Allah. I have a blessing: may Allah bless [the donors] and protect them and give them the best. If they want to do good and look after us, may Allah bless them and protect them. Look after us because our situation is very difficult.”

So far this Ramadan, Islamic Relief food parcels have benefitted in excess of one million poor people like Khayryaah, in 31 countries worldwide.

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