Father-of-three Vilus Marcelin, 38, lives in Tabarre, Haiti. He runs a small shop – and when the business struggles he and his family go without food.

“My wife is not working, I am the only one who can provide food at home,” Vilus told us. “When the business is not making a profit, it is difficult for me to provide food at home.

“Sometimes, we go two days only eating bread and water. At this time, I don’t have money to buy food and food prices are increasing.”

But, this Ramadan, Vilus received an Islamic Relief food parcel for the first time. The parcel, which included rice, dried beans and cooking oil, provided welcome relief from the worry of finding food during the holy month.

“The impact of the food parcels are immeasurable,” said Vilus when he arrived at the distribution point to collect his foodpack. “For most of families present here, this is the first time they will have a pack of rice this size at home.

“It means they won’t be worried about food for at least one month. Our children will eat very well during this month.  And we parents are very happy about that.”

“I thank God first for sending Islamic Relief to bring us this benediction during Ramadan.  It will help us to be more focussed, because it is not easy when you know after fasting for 12 hours that you don’t even have a biscuit to eat.  My family and I send a big thank you to Islamic Relief staff for this food.”