Earn continuous rewards through waqf

The International Waqf Fund is a way of donating in Shariah compliant shares, with the returns on these investments used to help those in need. In this way, you can benefit vulnerable people across the globe year after year. It also means the rewards and blessings of investing in this way are continuous.

The returns and profits from waqf investments have been used to support thousands of people across the globe, through long-lasting sustainable development projects, such as creating new livelihoods for those in need.

Part of International Waqf Fund’s annual returns are also used to respond to global emergencies, providing a lifeline for vulnerable families when disaster strikes.

We have been supporting communities through returns on investments for the past 18 years, and have gained a wealth of expertise in the sector.

The International Waqf Fund is venturing into investment and trading in Shariah compliant businesses across the globe. This will allow the benefits to directly benefit people in specific countries, for example by helping to create new jobs for those struggling to find work.

All of these investments will be Shariah compliant. The International Waqf Fund’s Investment Committee oversees all investments and thoroughly considers both the risks and potential profits. With an an extensive range of investment and programme knowledge and experience, the committee is well-equipped to make sound decisions.

We will ensure that the return of such investments will allow vulnerable people to access healthcare, education and livelihood opportunities.

We are among the leaders in the waqf sector, and invest in invest in rigorous accountability and governance systems, which allow us to operate efficiently.

With a presence in over 40 countries, Islamic Relief has developed a deep understanding of the issues and causes of poverty among different communities. We have long-lasting relationships with key community stakeholders and we are well-placed to use returns on your investments in the most beneficial way, as we aim to empower communities to become self-reliant.

Invest in the International Waqf Fund today to help achieve long-lasting change among communities, and to earn continuous rewards.