Shops have closed, fuel is scarce and Yemen residents have been without electricity for three days.

Islamic Relief aid worker Doaa Bahubaish has spoken about the situation in her country.

In the video she says: “The situation is very difficult in Yemen. It has never got to that extent for a very long time.”

Islamic Relief is distributing food parcels containing items including beans, flour, rice, and sugar that should last a family of seven for a period of one month.

She added: “There is a lack of very basic commodities. The flour packages that used to cost [Yemeni Rial] 3,500 [around GBP £11] are now costing [Yemani Rial] 8,000 (around GBP £25] and still it’s not available on the market.

“To add to the suffering that people are going through, there is no fuel at all so most shops are closed. Electricity has been off for the past three days as well so communication is becoming very difficult for us.”

We have already reached 4,000 people who have been displaced in the conflict. We are aiming to reach 70,000 people, providing them with food, water and sanitation.

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