Around 100 wheelchairs and more than 200 walkers were distributed to people in Sad’ah, Jabal Ras, Sanaa, and Al-Houta, in western Yemen.

In Yemen, around five per cent of the population has a physical disability as a result of disease, conflict, malnutrition and maternal health deficiency. People with disabilities in Yemen face a lack of services, facilities and funding.

Recipients of the aid were identified through health officials and special needs centres. Children whose families were unable to afford any mobility aids were also selected as recipients, and distribution events were organised.

Performances at the ceremony

Performances at the ceremony

One of the distribution sessions was held at Altahadi Foundation, in Sanaa, which supports women and girls who are disabled. It has been improving integration and inclusion of women with disabilities since 2009. The foundation decided to organise a small ceremony, including songs and a short performance, to hand over 22 wheelchairs and five walkers.

Islamic Relief has been working in Yemen since 1998. In 2013, we launched a £2 million GBP programme to provide a brighter future for young people, promote sustainable livelihoods and tackle malnutrition.