Islamic Relief is throwing its weight behind an international campaign to create a cleaner, safer and fairer world for all – and we’re asking you to do the same.

A thunderclap – organised by the Beyond 2015 campaign, which brings together more than 1,000 civil society organisations in over 130 countries – is to take place on 24 September at 9am, New York time, just before the start of the UN General Assembly General Debate.

A cleaner, safer and fairer world which leaves no-one behind

The Millennium Development Goals end in 2015. There has been much progress since they were agreed at the turn of the millennium, but the world is now a very different place. Climate change, inequality and economic crises are hurting people around the world.

Much remains to be done to create an equitable and sustainable world where every person is safe, lives well, and exercises their human rights, and where political and economic systems deliver well-being for all, within the limits of our planet’s resources.

This September, world leaders will meet at the UN General Assembly in New York. They have a once in a generation opportunity to put in place new #post2015 Sustainable Development Goals for a cleaner, safer and fairer world which leaves no-one behind.

We call on world leaders at the UN to #aimhigher2015 –

  • for a world without inequality
  • for full and meaningful participation of all people
  • to guarantee human rights and access to justice for all
  • to address climate change
  • to ensure environmental sustainability and respect for the limits of our planet’s resources
  • for a robust, comprehensive and participatory accountability framework.

Take action today

Add your voice to the campaign by joining the Thunderclap. Visit to send out the message: We call on world leaders at the UN to #aimhigher2015 to put people and the planet at the centre of the #post2015 #SDGs