Islamic Relief expects to have provided food to 100,000 people in Yemen within the next few days.

We have already reached 70,000 people and have been providing food to families in eight cities, including the capital Sana’a, the port town of Aden, and Taiz, where conflict has recently intensified. Many of these families have been displaced by the conflict.

Each food parcel should support a family of seven for one month, and typically includes 25kg of wheat flour, 10kg of sugar, 4.9 litres of cooking oil, 10kg of rice, 2.4kg of pasta, and 4.4kg of red beans.

Haney Masood, from Islamic Relief’s headquarters in the UK, said: “The exact content varies depending on what is in the market. Sometimes, we have to adapt. If, for example, there is no flour, we might use pulses.

“We used a big supplier so we don’t buy everything out of the market, which local people are dependent on. For the quantity we are distributing, we need the biggest suppliers in the country. We tender to ensure we get the best value supplier.”

Islamic Relief has also been providing trauma kits to three hospitals in Aden. These are international standard and include essential items such as pain relief, bandages and antibiotics.

Overcoming problems to provide vital aid

The fuel shortage problem in Yemen has now reached critical levels with UNOCHA stating that many humanitarian agencies will be forced to halt their operations within two weeks unless additional fuel is imported. The fuel shortage has also affected water supplies in many places. We have provided clean drinking water to 2,030 families in Raymah, in central Yemen, by fixing eight water hand pumps and water wells, which are not reliant on fuel.

Islamic Relief staff have been adapting to the difficult situation in order to reach those in need.

Akram Sadeq Ali, officer in charge for Yemen, said: “The country is facing a big challenge in terms of lack of fuel. The staff are facing the same issue in terms of getting from home to the office, and out to the field. Security is another issue. Some staff members are living near areas affected by conflict.

“Working in these conditions is hard, but the feeling that we are serving humanity is helping. We are ready to help those in need, whether it means going to conflict hotspots or quieter areas.”

Islamic Relief launched its Yemen Crisis Appeal on April 10 and within days we were able to start distributing aid.

Support our Yemen appeal and help serve humanity through our staff on the ground.