Islamic Relief is preparing to launch an emergency response to the recent and on-going conflict in Yemen, a country already grappling with poverty and fighting.

Islamic Relief Yemen was forced to put all existing projects on hold as military action began in Sana’a, Sa’adah, and Lahj governorates just days ago. The security situation has affected all governorates in the country. Over 260 people are estimated to have lost their lives so far, and hundreds of families have fled their homes.

Yemen has been in the grip of crisis for years, and is one of the world’s most food-insecure and water-scarce countries. Even before the latest conflict, an estimated 15.9 million Yemenis – 61 per cent of the population – were in need of humanitarian aid.

We have been assisting poor families in Yemen since 1998, and work to ease hunger and hardship. With the insecurity forcing Islamic Relief and other NGOs to suspend their operations in the country, concerns are growing for the most vulnerable people who rely on humanitarian programmes.

Islamic Relief remains on the ground in Yemen with a strong presence across the country, and is liaising with other humanitarian actors.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and are prepared to launch our emergency response and restart other much-needed projects as soon as the security situation allows.