Nasheed-legend Zain Bhikha has travelled to Chad and Mali to see how Islamic Relief is changing lives in west Africa.

The renowned South African singer-songwriter visited Islamic Relief in Chad and Mali in January.

In Mali, Bhikha attended the opening of a new school funded by Islamic Relief UK. Constructed to replace two windowless rooms that had previously served as the Dunicoro-Djitomou village school, the new building provides hundreds of children with a good learning environment as well as sports and recreation facilities.

In Chad’s Sila Province, Bhikha saw how funds that he generated were helping over 23,000 people to produce food all year round, with new wells providing water for irrigation and farmers given seeds to grow crops which can survive the dry season.

Islamic Relief supporter Bhikha, who raised £80,000 for our water projects in 2012, is helping to raise awareness and much-needed funding for the fight against global poverty and suffering.