“In Syria during Ramadan, everyone would go to their jobs in the morning and return in the afternoon.”

Zakareya continues: “We would pray and read Qur’an and then start preparing for iftaar. We had no worries and lived peacefully.

“But now everything is different. We have been forced to leave our home and move to Lebanon where we are living in extreme poverty.

“I can barely provide my 13 children with food. We would not be able to survive if we weren’t receiving aid from charity organisations.

“I can’t find any job here and everything is very expensive.

“Ramadan was different in Syria, it used to be blessed and we used to be happy. But now nothing is right. We are refugees living under plastic sheets. We don’t feel the blessings of Ramadan anymore.”

This year, with your support, we will deliver 3,765 Ramadan food parcels across Lebanon to reach 18,825 people like Zakareya.

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